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Deckwood Timber Decking

Deckwood, as a complete decking system, was recognised by independent assessors as representing advanced technology in this field. (link to certificates). The decking system, timber specification and profile have all been researched and refined over many years. This means Deckwood Australia can protect you from making common decking design issues.

Deckwood ensures you achieve the outcome your client expects, a weather-exposed deck that ages gracefully.

What makes Deckwood different?

At Deckwood Australia we understand professional designers need a product that they can call up by name, a product whose design has everything critical to ensure long life, i.e. durability, stability, shrinkage and appearance. The Deckwood Australia product allows professionals to design confidently in timber.

Timber Design Consultancy

Years of specialising in weather-exposed structures, observation of what has been successful (and failed) and formal research projects, places Edgar (Ted) Stubberesfield in a unique place in the Australian timber industry.

Ted’s advice on timber design has been sought from engineers internationally. This expertise is now available to all design professionals, in Australia and overseas, even if you are not specifying Deckwood. Timber Design Consultancy details ›

Expert Witness

Are you involved in a legal case involving timber? In some timber related matters I am the appropriate person for a solicitor to engage as an expert witness. Engineers often engage me to report on the aspects of timber they are not familiar with. Contact me ›

Timber Design Publications

In my semi-retirement I have been writing down what I have learnt over a lifetime about detailing for durability. These reasonably priced Technical Design Guides should be part of every design professional’s library.

Timber Newsletters

My Timber Newsletters, which are full of explanatory images will help you refine your timber design practices by reviewing at examples of what has been successful and what has not. Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers and Building Designers should all be subscribing to this Free External Timber Newsletter ›

Continuing Professional Development

I love nothing more than to share what I have learnt in a small group setting and have developed a number of Continuing Professional Development sessions › that will assist any professional design with confidence.

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