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External Timber Newsletter
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External Timber Newsletters
Collated and edited by external timber veteran Ted Stubbersfield, these informative and practical articles keep you in touch with developments in timber technology for outdoor structures. Subscribe now to receive these free email newsletters - published most months.

2024 External Timber Newsletters

June 2024
When a One-off Item Has to be Right, This Handrail is Truly Dreadful, Online CPD Courses Expanded, Signup for one of my 12 CPD Courses (1.6 MB PDF)

May 2024
Timber Footbridges, Domestic Timber Decks Conference Presentation, 150x150 Kiln Dried, Online CPD Courses, Signup for one of my 12 CPD Courses (1 MB PDF)

April 2024
Repairing Broken Timber, Online CPD Courses, Sometimes timber is a poor choice, My 12 CPD Courses full-day courses, Need a Timber Consultant? (1.5 MB PDF)

March 2024
Free Online CPD Course, Why is this handrail 6.4m continuous? Case History: Mayes Canal Boardwalk, H5 Treated Pine Without CCA, Twelve CPD Courses (1.7 MB PDF)

February 2024
Don’t Span your Battens too Far, Recognising Correctly Treated Sleepers - Feedback, Tanacoat or Tanacare, which is best? A Creative Footing Solution, New CPD Course: Domestic Decks, Signup for one of my Twelve CPD Courses (1.1 MB PDF)

January 2024
Treatment Tag Numbers Meaning? Best Online CPD Course Platform? World’s Largest Timber Structure Inspection, Recognising Correctly Treated Sleepers, Proposed Timber Information Sheets, New CPD Course - Domestic Decks (1.2 MB PDF)

2023 External Timber Newsletters

December 2023
Timber Decks Close to the Ground; New CPD Course: Domestic Decks; Spotted Gum Project in Japan; Signup for One of my Twelve CPD Courses. (1.2 MB PDF)

November 2023
Timber batten fastener end distances, Care in using Kwila/Merbau, Horse fencing, A ‘Blast from the past’ and Signup for one of my 11 timber technology CPD Courses. (1.3 MB PDF)

October 2023
Case History Footbridge Handrail, Coming Soon: New Domestic Decks CPD Course, Plastic or Timber Bollards: Which is Best? Signup for One of my 11 CPD Courses (1.5 MB PDF)

September 2023
Groundline Contact Special, Post Size, Timber House Stumps, Lay Your Design Sins at the Foot of the Cross (Revisited), Steel Posts, Signup for One of my 11 CPD Courses, Need a Timber Consultant? (1.8 MB PDF)

August 2023
Amazing Spotted Gum Deck in Japan, Recommended screw for fixing deckwood to steel, A Broken Heart In One So Young, My New Timber Step Guide - Order your Free Copy, Someone listened to advice to buy the Timber ‘Bible’, Need a Timber Consultant (940 KB PDF)

July 2023
Case History: Bradbury Park Playspace, You Need the Industry ‘Bible’, Free LifePlus Decking Guide, Something for My Christian Readers, Signup for One of my 11 CPD Courses (1.2 MB PDF)

June 2023
Case History: Wintjiri Wiru drone show at Uluru needed deckwood, Need to Complete your CPD Points by end of June? Never Specify Sleepers, Still Looking for Step Images, Free LifePlus Decking Guide, New CPD Course: Timber Bollards (1.2 MB PDF)

May 2023
Is Oregon Durable? Case History: All Hallows School Deck, Case History: Timber Steps Guide, New CPD Course: Timber Bollards (1.3 MB PDF)

April 2023
Why do we do things that are Just Plain Wrong? Timber Bridge Restoration at 1/10th Concrete Price, Installing Galvanised Steel in Concrete Guidelines, External Timber Step Guide Progress, New Timber Bollards CPD Course. (1.3 MB PDF)

March 2023
External Timber Steps, Helpful Finance Broker, Glad to Help a Young Engineer, Something for Concrete Lovers, New CPD Course – Timber Bollards, Signup for CPD Courses (1.4 MB PDF)

February 2023
Fastening Domestic Decking to Steel Joists, Using Internal Flooring Externally, Something for Ancient History Lovers, Free Timber Handrail Guide, Recommended Species List, Signup for my Ten CPD Courses (800 KB PDF)

January 2023
Free Timber Handrail Guide, Recommended Species List, Basic Error With Shelter Shed Post Supports, Signup for my 10 CPD Courses, Need a Timber Consultant? (780 KB PDF)

2022 External Timber Newsletters

December 2022
Free Timber Handrail Guide, Case History: Refurbished Stage at Samford, Free Check Your Deck Seminar, For my Christian readers, Past Issues Index, Ten CPD Courses - signup (1.1 MB PDF)

November 2022
Grading Timber, Structurally OK May Not mean Fit for Purpose, Free Timber Handrail Guide, Either Laugh or Cry, Newsletter Index, My Ten CPD Courses, Full Day Courses, Need a Timber Consultant? (600 KB PDF)

October 2022
My 10 CPD courses, Should I arris or pencil round edges? Structurally sound ≠ fit for purpose, Timber… almost too good, Timber Consultant or Expert Witness (930 KB PDF)

September 2022
Lessons in Equilibrium Moisture Content of Timber, Timber in Playgrounds Presentation, Grading Hardwood Guide free update, Footbridge & Coastal Decks Full Day Course, Ten CPD Courses, Timber Resources, Need a Timber Consultant or Expert Witness? (1 MB PDF)

August 2022
Decision-Making Matrix Needed, Something Good In Canberra, I thought there would be issues with this design, Footbridge & Coastal Decks Full Day Course, Ten CPD Courses, Timber Consultant or Expert Witness (880 KB PDF)

July 2022
Books now published in Australia, Timber Steps Specification, Timber Handrail Specification, Why you need the industry ‘Bible’, Full Day Course: Footbridge & Coastal Decks, Ten CPD Courses… sign up, Timber Resources, Timber Consultant (1.0 MB PDF)

June 2022
Books now published in Australia, New Hardwood requires specification care, Deckwood available for vehicle decking, Spotted Gum Viewing Deck - Case history Japan, Footbridge & Coastal Decks full day course, 10 CPD Courses. (2.0 MB PDF)

May 2022
Books Now Published in Australia, Nerangba Timbers staff trained in external timber, What decking finish should I use? Coastal Decks Course CPD, Timber Resources (1.1. MB PDF)

April 2022
How Not to Build a Fence, What Brand Paint Should I Purchase?, What Decking finish Should I Use, Coastal Decks Course, We can Start CPD Courses Again, Timber Resources, Timber Consultant (1.7 MB PDF)

March 2022
We can be too Clever, Lessons from 2011 ‘Inland Tsunami’, Shelter Shed Designs, End & Edge Bolts Clearance, Coastal Decks Course, Timber Consultant (1.6 MB PDF)

February 2022
Proposed New Timber Guide, Do Handrail End Sealants Work? Suggested Connection Handrail to Post, 35 Metre Span Canadian Timber Highway Bridge, Coastal Decks Course, CPD Courses, Timber resources, Timber consultant (1.0 MB PDF)

January 2022
Correct Use of LOSP Treated Handrail, Playground Professionals - essentials guide, Coastal Decks Course, CPD Courses restarted, Next writing project, Timber resources, Timber consultant (1.0 MB PDF)

2021 External Timber Newsletters

December 2021
Shelter Shed Design Service, Newsletter Article Index, Design in the Presence of Sapwood, Coastal Decks Course, Latest Published Book, CPD Courses (2.1 MB PDF)

November 2021
Shelter Shed Design Service, Recipe for Disaster - Galvanised Fasteners, Ring Your Chimes, Coastal Decks Course, CPD Courses restart (1.4 MB PDF)

October 2021
Shelter Shed Design Service, Newsletter Articles Index, Gold Coast Deck Replacement Case History, Fixing handrails, Coastal Decks Course (1.9 MB PDF)

September 2021
Shelter Shed Design Service, Losing Confidence in Timber is so Unnecessary, Beware F17 Kiln Dried specification (1.8 MB PDF)

August 2021
Shelter shed design service; Poor timber design needing fast repair; New CPD Course - Handrails; Calculating timber weight; Timber Consultant services (780 KB PDF)

July 2021
The Olympics of materials; An interesting UK handrail; A not so interesting Australian handrail; Footbridge fundamentals course, Timber resources & Consultant. (1.6 MB PDF)

June 2021
Tell me how to detail it correctly, Lay your design sins at the foot of the cross (revisited), Staying one jump ahead of the idiots, Subscribe to a very useful durability newsletter, Latest timber guide almost finalised (670 KB PDF)

May 2021
Why You Need a Timber Consultant, Quicker Deliveries of my Printed Guides in Australia, Queenslanders - The Smart House for the Smart State, Spotted Gum in Budapest, Tell me How to Detail it Correctly, My New Guide - Timber in Playgrounds (1.3 MB PDF)

April 2021
Waaje Fire Tower Refurbishment, A Rose by any Other Name, Tell me How to Detail it Correctly, New Guide: Timber in Playground, Timber Consultant (620 KB PDF)

March 2021
Is spotted Gum the Elusive Covid Cure? Timber in Playground Guide - pre-release copies available, Case History - Ports North Playground - Cairns, Free Guide upgrade, Cookbook Finalised, Timber Resources (940 KB PDF)

February 2021
Covered bridge restoration, A deck built as it should be, Vandal Resistant Fasteners, Concrete Durability newsletter, Timber Consultant (860 KB PDF)

January 2021
Upgrade Guide for Free, A Philosophical Question - Playgrounds, Timber Resources, Timber Consultant (880 KB PDF)

2020 External Timber Newsletters

December 2020
Updated Article Index, Welcome to the Wonder Years, Paint Colour is Important, Iconic Timber Bridge Restored, Feedback on Incising, UTAS Want Your Moisture Content Story (600 KB PDF)

November 2020
Playground Timber, Incised Timber, Full Day Courses, Correct Detailing Does Matter, Another One of my Follies, Timber Resources (1.8 MB PDF)

October 2020
Another Timber Bridge to Replace Steel, Common Species Quick Look, Another of My Follies, Cookbook updated, Playground Timber - My Next project? We Can Start CPD Courses Again (990 KB PDF)

September 2020
Timber cladding in multi-story buildings, Desperately needed specification tool, Spotted gum projects in Japan, A wood lovers’ & railway buffs’ treat, Recipes from the potato field, Playground timber - My next project? (1 MB PDF)

August 2020
External Gluelam Capabilities, Only Trust your Mother, Why Don’t We Check? Australian Timber Design Awards, A Big Win Against Plastic Cladding, Late Bronze Age Story, We Can Start CPD Courses Again and more… (1 MB PDF)

July 2020
Can CPD Courses restart? Most skilled spotted gum project I have ever seen; Why you do things correctly; Using oregon externally - Why I disapprove; Japanese Tea Garden Deck; Earn CPD points through eClassroom. (1.3 MB PDF)

June 2020
Great Project from Architects of Arcadia, Another Deck Fatality Before the Coroner, National Centre for Timber Durability, Timber Consultant (760 KB PDF)

May 2020
Spotted Gum Decks in Japan, Revising My Timber Preservation Guide, Krause Bridge - Lessons in Longevity, Timber Consultant (1.2 MB PDF)

April 2020
Online Training, Using Heart in Timber Correctly, Should I specify AS2082 or AS8318.7, Timber Consultant (940 KB PDF)

March 2020
The Drought Uncovers Some Deadly Sins, On Line Training, Full Day Courses, Timber Resources, Timber Consultant (1.9 MB PDF)

February 2020
Feedback on ‘A Lesson From the Recent Bushfires’, A Good Use of Recycled Timber, Full Day Courses Timber Resources, Timber Consultant (1.1 MB PDF)

January 2020
Recent Bushfires Lesson, Pre-War - but Which War? OSA Boardwalk Used as a Teaching Aid, Full Day Timber Courses, Timber Resources & Timber Consultant (1.8 MB PDF)

2019 External Timber Newsletters

December 2019
Jen’s Shocking News: I am Finally Pregnant!, Reverse Engineering Perils, ‘Please Explain’, In common: a Big Mac & Cladding?, Full Day Courses, Seeking Spiritual Enlightenment for Christmas (1.3 MB PDF)

November 2019
Don’t Do Silly Things With Timber, An Opportunity Missed, Full Day Courses, Why You Should Engage a Timber Specialist, Exercising Treated Timber Due Diligence Guide, A Fair Question About Purchasing, Architectural Batten Course Coming to eClassroom (501 KB PDF)

October 2019
Don’t Do Silly Things With Laminated Timber, Don’t Do Silly Things Joining Timber, How deep in the ground do Bollards have to be? Architectural Batten Course coming to eClassroom, My Laminated Beams Refresher (550 KB PDF)

September 2019
Whoever Thought Plastic Decking was a Good Idea, Don't Leave Your CPD Points to the Last Minute, Updated Timber Queensland Decking Guides, Narrow Floor Boards - A Reminder, Timber Resources & Consultant (940 KB PDF)

August 2019
Decent Door Supplier Found; Never Purchase Treated Pine on Price; Should Have Used Concrete Not Timber; Coastal Decks Course Verdict is in; CPD Courses (840 KB PDF)

July 2019
I Learn Something New Every Time, Know a Decent Door Supplier? Wishful Thinking Verses Planning to Succeed, Stagger Your Screw Line, Coastal Decks Course verdict, CPD Courses (630 KB PDF)

June 2019
Commercial Handrail Detailing, Putting Form Before Function, Simple but Stunning Use of Battens, Verdict on my Coastal Decks Course, New CPD Course Now Available Through eClassroom (1 MB PDF)

May 2019
Timber: is There a Better Product? Use of Larch in Australia, Spreading the Word in Canberra, Costal Deck Course, New CPD Course Now Available Through eClassroom (800 KB PDF)

April 2019
Deadly Sin No 2, Covered Bridges Really Work, This Seat Suits All Age Groups, Costal Deck Course, New CPD Course Through eClassroom (1.2 MB PDF)

March 2019
Jimna Fire Tower - Deadly Sin No 6, A boardwalk that planned to succeed, Deck & Boardwalk Design Essentials Book - Free Upgrade, Timber Structures Course, Costal Deck Course, Continuing Professional Development Courses (750 KB PDF)

February 2019
Deadly Sin No 7: Get Durability Ratings Right, Oils ain’t oils & wood ain’t wood, New Costal Deck Course, CPD Courses including the new: Footbridge Fundamentals (380 KB PDF)

January 2019
A ‘Dear Lord give me strength’ moment, When is kiln dried timber not kiln dried, guide to wood construction systems, This may make a steel joist work, Continuing Professional Development Courses, New CPD Course: Footbridge Fundamentals. (1 MB PDF)

2018 External Timber Newsletters

December 2018
Rethinking Robinia Playground Equipment, Slip Resistance - New Publication, This May Make A Steel Joist work, New CPD Course, Footbridge Fundamentals, Timber Consultant (1MB PDF)

November 2018
Grading Timber in a Venetian Palace, Don’t Specify Another Bollard Till You Read This Guide, A Reminder About Steel Deck Joists, National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life (500KB PDF)

October 2018
AILA Gold Coast Conference Eco Tour, Are You Purchasing for Durability? External Timber Furniture - All You Need to Know, Solomons Cyclone & Earthquake Resistant Building, FWPA Timber Bollard Guide, New Timber species App, New CPD Course - Footbridge Fundamentals (760KB PDF)

September 2018
New Guide: External Timber Furniture, CPD Courses: How Not to do a Timber Joint, Attractive Project Using E4 Eclipse Bollards, Encouragement From a Potato Field (480KB PDF)

August 2018
CPD courses, Don’t specify external timber by F Grade, Don’t use dressed face decking externally, Footbridge inspections, Architectural Batten Guide - Free Update, Strengthening BCRC links in Melbourne (900KB PDF)

July 2018
Another Great Timber Structure at Toohey Forest Park (2), Strengthening BCRC Links in Melbourne, Economical & Speedy Bridge Replacement, Facebook business page launched(1.9MB PDF)

June 2018
Another Great Timber Structure at Toohey Forest Park (1), Your Design Sins Will Find You Out, Fire Retardant Coatings Code of Practice Released, Need Urgent Help With Images (940KB PDF)

May 2018
Protect Your Top Surfaces, Design Sins Will Find You Out, Early Boardwalk Revisited, Late June Melbourne Availability, Help with Images, CPD Courses (1.2MB PDF)

April 2018
Long Span Decks - Avoid Trip Hazards, Are your decks self-cleaning? Another Failed Plastic Deck, Japan’s Kurata Co excels with Spotted Gum, Discounted Guides Offer Ending. (1.5MB PDF)

March 2018
Design Guides Offer, Controlling T&G Flooring gaps, Plyscraper Age, Late June Melbourne Availability, Help with Images, CPD Courses (280KB PDF)

February 2018
Pre-drilling Joists for Screws Critical, Melbourne Reader’s Note, Urgent Image Help Wanted, Timber Treatments do not Repel Insects, Timber Guide - Special offer! (360KB PDF)

January 2018
You Too Can Build an Oscar Worthy Timber Bridge; Identifying Lyctus attack; Limitations of Visual Stress Grading (360KB PDF)

2017 External Timber Newsletters

December 2017
Another Deck Collapse, How to Confirm Correct Treatment Achieved, Grading Timber Importance, 30 Year Old Mangrove Boardwalk lessons, External Furniture Book & more… (470KB PDF)

November 2017
Should Decks Be Load Limited? Pre-oil Your Decks?, The Customer Isn’t Always Right, Timber Garden Retaining Walls, External Furniture book, Timber Bridge Maintenance, Restoration & Inspection (340KB PDF)

October 2017
Writing External Furniture Book; New Plywood Book; Is Recycled Timber Seasoned? Be Careful Choosing Your Species;Timber Bridge Maintenance, Restoration & Inspection. (600KB PDF)

September 2017
Be Careful With Ply Fences, What’s needed in Wood Encouragement Policy, Cairns Regional Council sets Standard for Preservation, Consultancy Arrangements - Important Changes, CPD Courses (600KB PDF)

August 2017
Important Consultancy Arrangements Changes, ‘It Seemed a Good Idea At the Time’, Something Else That Seemed A Good Idea, Wood Encouragement Policy - A Mixed Blessing? And Mareeba Shire Turns to Timber Bridges over Concrete (1MB PDF)

July 2017
A Reminder about Pine, Choosing Timber by Colour - a Lesson from Japan, City of Gold Coast Builds an Outstanding Deck, What Decking Profile is That? Continuing Professional Development Courses (480KB PDF)

June 2017
Keep Your Deck Looking Good & Protected, Commercial Decks - Joining Decking, Timber Sound Sculptures (560KB PDF)

May 2017
Cyclone & Earthquake Resistant Timber Library; Dodgy Treatment - Jack’s Rant; When is H3 not H3?; Timber Joints - Everything you need to know. (560KB PDF)

April 2017
‘Monstrosity in Barcaldine’, How NOT to install a post, Sons of Gwalia Headframe Restoration, 5 out of 10 Landing, Timber Resources (900KB PDF)

March 2017
Timber Joints (new book), A Decent Garden Wall, Timber Deck lifespans, Stump Caps, Case History: RothoBlass Headquarters, Italy. (1.4MB PDF)

February 2017
Using Heart in Timber, Case History: US Salt Shed, Span Chart Software, Interesting read for carpenters, Timber Education opportunities align. (1.0MB PDF)

January 2017
Canberra Finally Made Safe, Choosing Correct Decking Fasteners, ‘Natural Images’ E-Newsletter launched. (1.2MB PDF)

2016 External Timber Newsletters

December 2016
Choosing Correct Decking Fastener, Tube Nuts - An Old Bridge Revisited, Largest Timber Gable Truss in Australia, Ted’s external timber books (1.5MB PDF)

November 2016
Correct Decking Fastener selection; Free Book! Decking width/thickness Ratio; New Guidelines for Corroding Galvanised Joist Hanger; 3 new Wood Solutions Technical Guides (1.0MB PDF)

October 2016
Using coconut wood, Mid-rise developments - New guide, A fan of Tanacoat, Full-day timber seminar, Trusses - a brief history (1.6MB PDF)

September 2016
More on Galvanised or Stainless Fasteners, Hardwood, Pine & Cypress: Differences, Plastic Decking with Termites, CPD - You know you have to do it (1.1MB PDF)

August 2016
Galvanised or Stainless Fasteners? Zurich’s Tamedia Building, Revised Standard AS/NZS 1170.2, Courses from Wood Research & Development, The Two Henry Fords of Housing, They’re Not Using Shipping Containers Are They? (1.1MB PDF)

July 2016
What Brand Paint should I Use? More on Galvanised Bolts; Designing, Workshop - Specifying & Building Timber Structures; The State of Timber Research in Australia (1.6MB PDF)

June 2016
Galvanised Bolts, Australian Timber Research, Tropical Timber book, Self Drilling Screws - Problems ahead (1.8MB PDF)

May 2016
New Book on Timber Joints, Non-durable timber last 100+ years, Timber bollards not aging gracefully (2.4MB PDF)

April 2016
Recycled Timber - Political Correctness? Large timber structure: follow-up, Everything fencing (1.9MB PDF)

April 2016 (Special edition)
Massive Timber buildings, large & unusual timber bridges, some old some new! (1.2MB PDF)

March 2016
A Reminder about Sleepers; How to Measure End Splits; World’s Largest Timber Structure (1.5MB PDF)

February 2016
Hardwood Posts in Concrete: reminder, Timber Queensland Seminar, Fencing Brackets, New Fence Book, What to do with a Good Idea (1.3MB PDF)

January 2016
Deckwood price reduction, Why so hard to do the Right Thing? (680KB PDF)

2015 External Timber Newsletters

December 2015
Same plans - two different products, Expert Witness, decay in treated pine (1.2MB PDF)

November 2015
Designing for the Local Climate, Some basics about Boardwalks/Decks (880KB PDF)

October 2015
Timber Footbridges book published, Pre-made riser and stair kits & Bollards - Let the buyer beware; (1MB PDF)

September 2015
Timber Footbridges pending publication; Using Laminated Beams and LVL Beams externally (700KB PDF)

August 2015
New timber publication, Ensure verandah joist life, Architectural Timber Battens, Bolt-down HD Bollards (1MB PDF)

July 2015
Changes to Traffic Barriers & Bollards, When to Use Stainless Bolts & Brackets (880KB PDF)

June 2015
New Prestige Bollard Released, Inspect Timber Research Facilities, and Feedback on Deficient Timber Standards (650KB PDF)

May 2015
Where is Timber Construction Headed? (1.2MB PDF)

April 2015
Domestic Deck: Nail or screw? And Log Footbridges (600KB PDF)

March 2015
Standards You Can Drive a Bus Through! (730KB PDF)

February 2015
50mm Decking joists - a reminder. Flinders Range of park furniture expanded & improved (1MB PDF)

January 2015
Durability of Thermally Modified Wood (730KB PDF)

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