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Bikeway bridge end-view sovereign waters

Bikeway bridge end-view sovereig…

Bikeway bridge side-view sovereign waters

Bikeway bridge side-view soverei…

Boardwalk and observation deck sovereign waters

Boardwalk and observation deck s…

Boardwalk over water sovereign waters

Boardwalk over water sovereign w…

Boardwalk widening with seat sovereign waters

Boardwalk widening with seat sov…

Observation deck and timber sculpture sovereign waters

Observation deck and timber scul…

Treated pine bedlog foundation sovereign waters

Treated pine bedlog foundation s…

Boardwalk hexagonal junction sovereign waters

Boardwalk hexagonal junction sov…

Observation deck sovereign waters

Observation deck sovereign water…

Thursday Island Foreshore
Client:BMD Group
Landscape Architect:Catherine Brouwer Landscape Architects
Engineer:James Pierce and Associates
Construction:Contrast Constructions
Supply:Outdoor Structures Australia

Project notes:
The landscape Architect aim in designing the landscaping was to respect and protect the natural values of an area which is part of the Moreton Bay wetland areas and to highlight the outlooks to the foreshore and Waterloo Bay. The structures were to be Interesting in themselves but not dominating. This residential subdivision has won several awards.

Sovereign Waters uses a number of OSA products including a bedlog style boardwalk, a boardwalk on driven piles and a 14m log bridge. The handrails were designed for especially this job.

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Resource: Printed: 2022-01-23
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